Jetson Nano 1080p Real-Time Video Processing

I want to get a video of 1080p resolution as input, process it within 30msec and display output. I am using Jetson Nano. I am using python, cuda enabled opencv and boosted jetson clocks. I am having 2 main issues

  1. My video capture is taking 30msec to just capture the frame. Can u suggest ways to make it faster or gstreamer pipeline that makes it faster using hardware encoder
  2. CUDA enabled GPU programming using numba is taking 42 msec to process entire image parallelly, the operation is to rearrange pixels.
    Please suggest how to shorten gpu processing time.
    Are there any benchmarks that can show video processing pipeline for getting frames , processing them and output at rate of 30fps. Video resolution is 1080p. Is jetson nano capable of handling this process. Please HELP

It looks like it is at optimal throughput of Jetson Nano. There may be no room for further enhancement. Please execute sudo tegrastats and check if the hardware engines are at full loading.

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