Jetson nano 2 gb: cannot connect to internet via ethernet after first boot

Hi, all

I’ve successfully done all steps from Getting Started Guide for Jetson Nanon 2 gb (Getting Started with Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit | NVIDIA Developer). However, I have no internet connection via ethernet at my Jetson. Ethernet interface blinks orange. Possibly, it’s because my ethernet connection requires to enter credentials when you connet your PC. How to establish internet connection in this situation? Thank you

Are you connecting between local PC and Jetson, or from Jetson to outside world? What is the layout of physical wiring, e.g., wired ethernet to switch and then to router, versus using the USB virtual ethernet to PC then PC to internet? On the Jetson, and on any PC which might be involved, what is the output from “ifconfig” and “route”? Only if WiFi is involved, what is the output of “iwconfig”?

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