Jetson Nano 2GB/4GB (issue: zed2i writing video frames dropped)


I am using a ZED2i camera to write videos in HD720p 30 fps onto my jetson 2GB module in .h265 compression mode. However, I encounter an issue with a lot of frames being dropped and came across a post with a similar issue and the solution was below

to record SVO files on Jetson Nano with limited frame dropping you need to use an SSD disk, but the Jetson Nano 2GB misses the M.2 connector. SD card writing speeds are too low to allow a reliable SVO recording process.
Memory mass write speed is a critical parameter for this kind of operation.

Is it possible to make the jetson bootable from ssd samsung t7 to improve the rate at which frames are missed. to have a complete video. Currently I am writing on a Samsung Pro MB-MD256SA microSDXC 256GB 180MB/s

Would like to get more detail about the setup. Do you connect the USB camera to Jetson Nano 2GB developer kit, and try to encode the frames through jetson_multimedia_api?

The setup involves a Jetson module and a Zed 2i camera connected via usb 3.0 port. Other than that I have a Samsing T7 1TB ssd drive. I want to have this setup as a remote device to capture videos (ex: 4 hours)

When i run the zed_diagnostic tool for the camera then I get: libpng warning: iccp known incorrect sRGB profile
When i hit sudo lsusb -v the i can see bcdusb:2.0 for the stereolabs camera whereas i am on port 3.0

How can i use the jetson multimedia api? The zed camera uses a .svo container with .h265 and will that be possible to do so with the jetson_multimedia_api

There should be no existing implementation and you would need to refer to the samples in


And develop your use-case. For USB cameras, may refer to the steps in Jetson Nano FAQ

Q: I have a USB camera. How can I launch it on Jetson Nano?

To capture frame data through v4l2.

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