Jetson Nano 2gb - Overheating

Hi, I received my Jetson Nano 2GB today, and it is running superhot, in MAXN power mode it eventually shutsdown, in 5w mode it is still very hot, even just sitting idle.
What could be the reason? My old Jetson TK1 never even gets close to Hot.

hello i6mods,

please enable tegrastats utility to monitor the usage reports. please share what’s the temperature of “very hot” status.

playing youtube 480p tegrastats sits at 49c / 120f but the heatsink itself sure is burning hot. I’ve never owned a sbc which gets this hot. Is it just my worries?

idle stats in 5w mode:

hello i6mods,

you should not worry about it,
please also check Thermal Specifications for the hardware and software shutdown limits.


How about this?
idle stats using max power mode:

hello i6mods,

may I know what’s the use-case,
did you meet software throttled while playing youtube video stream?

Yes, just a 480p youtube video

hello i6mods,

may I know which JetPack release version you’re working with,
you may check release tag, i.e. $ cat /etc/nv_tegra_release and also refer to JetPack Archive page for details.


R32 (release), REVISION: 4.4, GCID: 23942405, BOARD: t210ref, EABI: aarch64, DATE: Fri Oct 16 19:44:43 UTC 2020

any ideas @JerryChang


I use a four wire 5 vdc fan attached to the top of the Nano 2GB heat sink and control it with the following script:

Works great on both my Nano 4GB and 2GB.


@TCIII it’s a little bit like trying to plug a dam with a finger though, isn’t it? Having high thermals at bootup isn’t really great. Maybe they goofed up on the thermal paste, I will check, but I would like to hear about other user’s experiences. Nice cat btw.

hello i6mods,

we don’t see “over-current” warning message pop-up while running stress-test with JP-4.4.1/Nano-2GB.

@JerryChang what do you advise?
-Repeat using different SD card, different USB Adapter?

Troubleshooting Update:

USB-C Adapter:
The usb-c wall adapter used for the Jetson Nano was tested by shutting down, removing the usb, re-inserting it 180 degrees. This caused the Jetson Nano not to power on, show the green LED, or Boot-up.

A different USB-C wall adapter was tried using the 180 rotation test and showed that the Jetson Nano successfully powered up both times the usb-c plug was flipped. This suggests that the Jetson Nano USB-C socket is not damaged or faulty. However, it does suggest the first USB-C wall adapter is defective and the problem was fixed using a different USB-C wall adapter.

-Can it be suggested that the defective USB-C wall adapter has only been providing a single 5V power pin connection from one side only of the USB-C plug to the Jetson Nano?

  • That under normal operation the Jetson Nano requires both 5V pins on both sides of the USB-C plug to operate normally?
  • The warning message pop-up “System throttled due to Over-current” is actually a Under-Current warning but the Jetson Nano does not differentiate between under and over current? It sees only a current issue? Or could the over-current message be due to the defective USB-C single 5v pin being stressed due to the second/reverse 5v pin failing?
  • Is under-current a possible cause of over-heating of the Jetson Nano?

The Jetson Nano seems to perform normally and at a more reasonable temperature upon using a fresh USB-C wall adapter, showing temps @ 10 degrees c less when viewing youtube 480p in chromium browser.
Temperatures still rise to moderate to high levels on running WebGL examples depending on the webGL example settings however I am yet to experience the ‘over-current’ pop-up warning, and I am able to also run the Jetson Nano at MAXN power mode (is it 10w?).
WebGL examples used:
webgl aquarium:
WebGL Globe:

Youtube 480p used:

I also have a fan module on order to help as suggested by @TCIII

hello i6mods,

here’s topic you may also check, Power supply considerations for Jetson Nano Developer Kit

Perhaps this helpful topic can be updated to provide additional information regarding the newer Jetson Nano 2GB with USB-C power.