Jetson Nano 2GB Power Monitoring?

I am using the Jetson Nano 2GB developer kit. I was wondering if it is possible to monitor the power through any on-board sensors? It seems that some versions of the Jetson Nano use INA3221X (jetsonSystemStatsJSON - Tegrastats and jetson-stats do not output to JSON) and can pull this info in over I2C, but I do not see the same device accessible on my Nano? I also looked at jtop and noticed it does not show power information on my device.

It looks like the Nano 2GB uses the MAX77620 PMIC, and I can see that listed in my I2C devices but don’t see any properties that look like their related to active voltage/current/power stats?

hello rviramontes24,

as you can see in the developer guide, Power Monitor Information.

Jetson Nano 2GB does not have an INA3221 power monitor.

Thanks for the reply! I’m guessing since it’s not mentioned in the guide, there’s no similar functionality provided by another sensor?

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