Jetson nano 2gb wifi and bluthoot

Hi everybodies

Is there any certified wifi & bluthoot dongle that working without problems on jetson nano 2 gb version ?

I purchase a bt+ac 600 usb dongle but , even if i was able to run the wifi feature i am totaly fail with bluthoot.

I need a usb key working without problems with bluthoot.

Thanx in advance for any advice

Hi Rommel,

You posted in the Omniverse category. I am moving this topic to the Jetson Nano forum for so support can see your issue.

Tom K

please try with ac8265.

I already purchased it ( and waste the money… .due the 2 gb version has not the slot for mount the ac8265

Oh sorry that I forgot about 2GB spec…

Every usb adapter that works on 4gb nano should work on 2gb case too.

For example, this post:

Don’t worry … Imagine my surprise when i received it and i tried mounting :-D …I saw the 4gb specs…

The problem now is that i am living in Asia and i am unable to find it here :-( :-( bt600
I bought this but i am unable to make it works proprely

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