Jetson nano 4 GB Developer kit not working

board is not working when power is on green light will blink on the board for two seconds and off after two seconds. please kindly reply for this problem

What power source is in use here?

power rating we are using as: 5V, 4A

Are you using micro usb to power or the power jack?

5V DC Power Input

Looks like hardware defect. Please RMA this module.

sorry i can’t get RMA means?

please share a RMA number for this module and provide service center details

please share RMA number for this module kindly reply immediately

There is no RMA number from me. Please check the FAQ.

please share incident number kindly reply for this


We don’t know anything about your RMA process. Please follow the FAQ on the webite I shared.
The moderators here are only for the technical support. We do not have ability to help your RMA process.

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