Jetson Nano 4GB is not booting after I ran a python program and it crashed

So does the OS flash process end and succeed?
The ssh here is not necessary steps.

It shows success

Please still try to use serial console to dump log. Or do you have HDMI monitor working there?

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I used to connect Jetson Nano to my TV via HDMI.

So does that monitor work now? Are you able to see the desktop?

I am getting this on my screen but I am unable to use my mouse and keyboard. I can confirm that it is not getting power because my mouse has LED’s in it.

Ok, then please file RMA for this board.

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Thanks Wayne for helping me out!
I got to know a lot about debugging from you.

I would suggest you can still get one usb-ttl cable for future use. This is very common tool for debug.

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Yes, I have ordered the cable.

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