Jetson Nano 4K monitor issues

I noticed that every time I make an application full screen, specifically chromium, on my Jetson Nano it blinks out and I have to reboot it.

This happens on my Dell 4K monitor. However, when I set the resolution to 1920x1080 I can make it go full screen no problem.

When I plug it into my LG 4K it won’t even fully boot.

Wondering if anyone else has this problem.

My assumption is that it has to do with power and perhaps going full screen 4K with Chromium requires more power than the current power supply can deliver. I currently have a 2 amp mini-USB ps.

I’ve ordered a 5 amp barrel ps and will try that one, but curious if anyone else has seen this issue?

I can confirm that the power supply was the issue.

Interestingly enough, I switched to another 2 amp mini-USB ps and the problem ceased.

However, since I plan on running 4K for a lot of my dev work and still having it run my applications I got a 5 amp PS from a friend and it also seems to work fine.