Jetson nano and Roborio

Hello my learned friends,
We are building a robot mainly controlled by RoboRio but using Jetson nano for neural networks and image processing. Does anyone know how we can connect the two so that they communicate autonomously. Please help

Hi @donbosco.ngeso, I’m unable to provide specific hands-on assistance because I don’t have experience with the RoboRIO, but I know that other FIRST teams generally use a wired ethernet connection and UDP sockets to communicate between the two device. It’s actually not specific to Jetson how you would communicate with the RoboRIO over ethernet/UART/ect (i.e. it could be a PC/laptop, Raspberry Pi, Jetson, or any other computer on the other end)

Here are some things I found searching google for “roborio jetson”:

Hope that helps!

Thank you for sharing that with me. I was helped. We are using a RA485 CAN HAT extension to connect the two. We are happy to find help with the programming too.

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