Jetson Nano and Xavier Not Displaying

I have an issue with now two Jetson Devices. After working on some code on a Jetson Nano, I initiated a restart through Linux and was unable to have display output despite a green light on the motherboard. Sudden fan spin occurred right as power was supplied but aside from that nothing else came of it. As a result, a Jetson Xaiver was purchased as a replacement and had a successful flash of the software, this model was restarted and the same exact issue occurred that was on the Jetson Nano. The Nano was rebooted multiple times with no issue whereas the Xavier died on the first reboot. In addition, the standard provided chargers for each device were the ones that were used to supply power. So far I have tried multiple reinstalling of the software image on the SD card, multiple monitors and cables, and attempting the forced recovery sequence (hold the force recover, hold the power until the led turns off, and release both at once)

So far both units have the same exact issue where the only indication of it not being entirely dead is the front power LED powering on when pressed and the onboard green light next to DS1 in the back of the board. Any suggestions or recommendations on what the issue may be or what to try next.

If you have the cable, you can dump the log.

If you don’t have it, please directly flash your board with sdkmanager.

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