Jetson Nano Android App

I am working on Jetson Nano and would like run an android application. I believe this is possible for a some linux systems by installing “Anbox”. Is it possible to run an android application in Jetson Nano? If yes is there an example or procedure to install the required libraries.

Thanks in advance

Me too, I need to install Android app to make utility out of the nano. Android is Arm, Jetson is Arm, it is perfect fit…

Any solutions any available android operating systems. All I see is the Nintendo switch now has android and we are ass out .

Any update regarding andriod on Nano?

Any update on this?

Unfortunately not on my side.

does jetson android exist?
will exist?
won’t exist?

what about these repositories NVIDIA Jetson Nano · GitHub
how can i build android on the nano?

Hi sir,

I have NVIDIA Jetson nano kit,I would like to install Android Operating Systems instead of Ubuntu 18.04. Can anyone please guide me.

  1. Is there any SDK image file of Android OS. If yes, kindly provide me.
  2. If No, please guide me how to build an Image file for Android OS.
  3. How to flash the image file on Jetson Nano.

Please do the needful.

I saw somwhere at the forum - folks used quemu on jetson;
if the android OS can be loaded into the emulator it might work, but I did not try, neither sure if the performance will not be a show-stopper

Thank you for the response sir,

I am looking for the Android OS image file and flashing tool. If possible, can you please help me on that.

hi @bmuralikrishna416

At the moment Android is not officially supported on the jetson nano. Perhaps at a later point of time there might be some community effort to port it to nano.

Android is available officially only for Jetson TK1.

In the meantime the best one can do is to run it on a emulator like qemu with some additional performance tricks. See this post here:

hi, can anyone explain how to do, please?

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