Jetson Nano B, Syncronize 2 CSI cameras possible?


Jetson Nano has 2 CSI interfaces which is really great.
With this example code I was able to to stream both cam images:

But is there a way to synchronize the shutter of 2 CSI (PI) cameras?
I would like to create depth images and calculate navigation data with opencv.

Thanks a lot

br Lukas

hello lukas_tmp0908,

I’m guessing you’re two individual CSI cameras connect to Nano platforms; for example, LI-IMX219-MIPI-FF-NANO
since there’s no hardware sync pins for these two cameras. you’ll need software approach to have dual camera synchronization.

you may refer to Argus samples, syncSensor, which demonstrate a software approach for synchronization.
please also refer to similar discussion thread, Topic 111355 for more details.