Jetson Nano B01 Dev Kit Can't boot after Set auto login

Hello every one,

I’m trying to set auto processing image whenever restart Jetson. It means Jetson will run my python script when it turned on. I’m following this steps:

  1. Set auto login set up by: system settings->user accounts->click “unlock”->enable “automatic login”

  2. Open terminal, type: sudo nano /etc/profile, and then scrolling to the bottom and add sudo python /home/vtmkhoi/Desktop/test/ (this is path to my python script). then CtrlX + Y to save and Enter to exit

  3. Then, Sudo reboot .

And have this black desktop error for 50 minutes

Can anyone help me please.

FYI, the info to share thing is mainly about getting a serial console boot log. Serial console is superior (in part) because it logs boot stages which run prior to Linux. See this for serial console log info:

Incidentally, I suspect adding something to “/etc/profile” is the wrong way of doing this. This would effect every user and every instance of using bash. There are a number of threads related to automatically starting a program on boot, but first we’d have to get your system booting again. If this is an SD card model (a dev kit), then you could simply mount the SD card on your Linux host PC and directly edit the profile file again and remove the change and it should work, but I am suspicious that something else is going on since normally this would not cause such an early boot failure.

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