Jetson nano b01 doesnt boot with jetbot based on jetpack 4.5

hello i bought a developer kit b01 jetson nano to make the waveshare jetbot , when i download the jetpack image 4.5 on my SD card everything works fine , i can turn on the jetson and set up the wifi ,etc , however when i remove the SD card i format it and install the jetbot image based on jetpack 4. 5 , when i turn on the jetson it turns on the green light the mouse and keyboard turns on but you only see the black screen , try to install the jetbot image based on jetpack 4.3 and it works fine , but when i go to basic motion and use robot =robot() it gives me a timeout error , however when i update the jupyter labs with the jetbot github from nvidea and reboot again it gives me black screen , is there anything i can do to fix this ? I have a pc with ubuntu 18.04.6 and sdk manager in case there is something I can do with that, I am new to using jetbot and in general in this area I would really appreciate your help.

There are Jetbot 2GB and 4GB version for JetPack 4.5, please be sure you flashed the correct one.
For any question of Jetbot, I will suggest to find the answer or get support from NVIDIA-AI-IOT/jetbot · Discussions · GitHub

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