Jetson nano b01 sd card is corrupting


I have flashed the jetson image to the sd card, after I put the sd card to the jetson nano b01 it is not responding, when I remove this sd card and put it in the laptop it shows multiple drive connected and we need to format that. It seems to be an issue in the jetson nano can some one help me with that. I have tried the same procedure in my old jetson nano , it works perfectly with that. I have this sd card corrupt issue in the new jetson nano b01.

With a fresh SD card installed, in a case where you expect it to not respond, can you get a full serial console boot log? Quite often the system is up and running, and only video is failing. In that case there might be an improper shutdown which causes the corruption. For serial console information:

Incidentally, did you flash the Nano? The SD card models have QSPI memory on the module itself, and this must be compatible with the release used on the SD card.

I have connected the usb as shown in the image but it does not show the ttyUSB connected on my Linux system

That naming convention depends on the brand of chipset in the serial UART. If you monitor “dmesg --follow” on your host PC, and then plug in the USB serial UART, what extra log messages occur as a result of the plug-in?

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