Jetson nano b01 sdk manager hangs at Flashing - 99.9%

Hello Community,

I am flashing Jetson nano b01 board using sdkmanager from Ubuntu 16.04 installed in VMWare Workstation.

I followed the instructions and made sure the jumpers, settings to force the board to recovery mode.
At the end, flashing hangs at 99.9% forever. Several attempts made and not successful so far with the tool.

My question is:

1). Is this known issue with sdkmanager?
2). Using ./ script i can flash Bootloaders, Kernel and RFS without problem. How can install additional libraries like multimedia, TensorRT and soon? using terminal from Nano, could you please point commands?
3). How can i create sd card image with BL, Kernel and RFS and use full size?


This is a known issue of VMs, which is why VMs are not officially supported. During a flash USB will repeatedly disconnect and reconnect, and a VM tends to lose ownership when the parent o/s takes it. You’d have to configure the parent to always give the USB to the VM. Many people end up dual booting rather than using a VM.

Btw, you might be happier with Ubuntu 18.04 for the host instead of 16.04.

Note: Flash only occurs in recovery mode. Once flash completes the unit reboots, and then uses ssh to copy content over. SDKM can install apps, but the unit must be fully booted with network connection and a login account. You can uncheck flash and just install packages, or you can uncheck packages and just flash.