Jetson nano barrel jack connection disables HDMI Output

I tried to use barrel jack power connector and used a jumper with 5A 5V charge, I m not getting any HDMI output.

Also, I have tried with Micro-USB port for 5V power input but It is showing HDMI Display Output

Any help would be appreciate. Thanks.

Please describe in detail. Are you testing on dev kit? Did you follow the user guide? If still fail following guide, did you try other power supply, like DC supply?

Thank u for ur response.
Am using dev kit, i followed user guide to place the jumper while using barrel jack power of 5V and 4A. If i did that Jetson is turned on, but there is no Display output.

But if i use USB supply, its getting monitor output.


For such case, using HDMI to tell the status of system is not precise and not effective.

Please use serial console log to tell whether system boots up successfully or stuck somewhere.