Jetson Nano Barrel Jack power not working

My experience is that there is significant voltage drop (~0.18V) from the barrel jack to the system.
Use 5.35-5.4V at the barrel jack, and measure the 5V at the GPIO and make sure it is between 5.0-5.2V.

Thank you all, very new to using GPIO pins and this is all very helpful.

Future work, but have any of you found a good battery solution to power the device? If so, what would you recommend?

I recommend something like this:
(Assuming you know how to use a soldering iron)

So did apply the jumper to J48, plugged in the barrel jack, and the green light did show, but a week later it is not powering on at all. However when I remove the jumper and plug in micro-usb it turns on… Any ideas?

same here, it was running off a Delta 5V6A DC Barrel PSU for 2 weeks, and now it wont show green led when plug in (measure off board 5.05v), if i un-jumper it i can get it to show sign of life via micro-usb

yes, you are correct @fizprof. alternatively, we can use laptop charger which provides 5VA4A; mine used Charger of Lenovo Ideapad 100s11iby 310-10 5V and 4A (just change the jack size of 3.5 to 5.5 );

the adapter was checked using a multimeter and the output ~5.35-5.37V; it works

I tried to use barrel jack power connector and used a jumper with 5A 5V charge, I m not getting any HDMI output but the fans are running.

Also, I have tried with Micro-USB port for 5V power input but I can only see green light turn on.

For both above case I am not getting any HDMI output. I only see “No Signal” in my monitor.

Any help would be appreciate. Thanks.

Hi shweta.c,

Please reflash your device through SDK manager, if still can’t resolve, please open a new topic for your issue.