Jetson Nano Bluetooth broken *Fix Inside*

Hi julien12,

Is it ok for you to try jetpack4.4 too? If this issue only happens to jetpack4.5, then we can narrow down the patch list for this issue.

Ok, i will give it a try.

But let me time to do it as i need to create new boot disk and backup my old one.

be right back after then

( as i am new to the forum i can not post more than 3 reply on the same topic. is there a turnaround to this ? )

By the way, i have a logitech mouse here wish connect properly whatever you do ( on/off bluetooth , or reset System )

Really appreciate your help here. Also, if you have other bluetooth device there, you can try them too, since I don’t have ps4 controller here…something like BT mouse/keyboard might be easy for me to get.


I was using a PS4 with JP 4.4.1 and it paired and would connect just fine even after a reboot or a start up.

However, with JP 4.5.1 after startup or a reboot, the PS4 will connect and then disconnect.

Yes, I reset my PS4 when moving up to JP 4.5.1 and re-paired it with my Nano.

I have used the Ubuntu Desktop as well as bluetoothctl to pair and connect my PS4 to the Nano.

If I turn the PS4 off and then turn it back on, it will connect with the Nano and then disconnect consistently.

If I run bluetoothctl from the CLI and turn scan on, the PS4 will connect and if I turn it off and then back on again, it will connect, then disconnect. If I try to connect a second time, it will connect and stay connected until a reboot.

It seems that bluetoothctl must be running after either a startup or a reboot to be able to get the PS4 to connect to my Nano. Very strange.

Presently the Ubuntu 18.04 that comes with JP 4.5.1 is running bluez 5.48 Oubuntu3.4 which is somewhat old.



The same question again. Does this issue have to use ps4 controller to reproduce? Do we have other simpler device like bluetooth mouse or keyboard to reproduce this issue?

It seems this issue should be changed to PS4 controller fails to connect on jp4.5.1…

@WayneWWW ,

I only use a wired keyboard and mouse with my Nano 4GB so I can’t help you there.

Also, you have not answered the question as to why running bluetoothctl from the CLI and initiating “scan on” allows me to successfully connect my PS4 to the Nano without it disconnecting until I either reboot or shutdown and startup again.
Additionally, why is it that bluez 5.48 Oubuntu3.4 be updated to the newer versions that are available.

I experienced this issue after installing Ubuntu 20.10 on a Rpi 4B and was able to correct the disconnect issue by updating and upgrading Ubuntu 20.10. No such luck with Ubuntu 18.04 as you can see.

I am not the only one having this issue with the present bluez version. Here is another post concerning the bluez version presently in use.


You seem to forget that once you install JP 4.5.1 on a Nano, etc. you can’t go back to earlier versions of JP. Says so right up front during the installation of JP4.5.1 and gives you a chance to back out. I have verified this on several Nano 4GBs.

I cannot answer this either. Need to let internal team to help check. If the upstream package from ubuntu has some problem, then what we can do is upgrade that package.

My point here is if we can gather more bluetooth devices here, then our team could reproduce this easily. Honestly, we don’t have any PS4 controller. We have tried some bluetooth devices with ubuntu gui locally, but don’t see any problem.

As for your concern here, there is nothing that cannot fallback. If you have sdkmanager, then you can fully fallback to previous jetpack version.