Jetson nano board schematic

Is jetson Nano board schematic of the base board and SOM module is available?

Hi puviarasu,

We will be releasing the design files and documentation for that Nano module closer to when the production module becomes available in June, so stay tuned.


Hi ,

Thanks for the info, is there is provision on the board for reset the processor and power on/off button functionality connection header? when i press shutdown in Ubuntu it’s shuts down, but how to switch it back on? only way i can see is power cycling.

Please refer to this doc:, to short pins 1 and 2 of connector J40 to power on system.

Hello - how about the schematics for the Developer Kit carrier board; can you make those available sooner?

Hi Eliot, we will be making the design files and schematics for the devkit carrier board available at the same time, thanks for your patience as we prepare them for release.

Well noted and keenly awaiting your update.@dusty_nv

  1. is the CSI (15pin) compliant with that of RaspeberryPI?
  2. is the 40pin GPIO header compliant with that of RaspeberryPI?
  3. will the StarterKit-contained SOM pin compatible with the future standalone SOM?


@lizhaozhuo about J13 (15pin) it is compatible with RPI cameras, it is possible to connect IMX219, IMX274 and we are also adding support for OV5647, other sensors should work too.


@dusty_nv Do you know when we can expect the design files to be released?

Later this month is ETA - we hope to release them sooner rather than later, just waiting on validation of the production module to make sure we provide folks with the correct design info. Thanks for your patience.

Hi, I’m trying to get a custom enclosure made for the devkit board

The manufacturer needs the mechanical specifications of course so they can make the plate with the connector holes for the box.

Will this document contain these measurements when it comes out?

thanks a lot

Yes they will, and for now, you can reference this preliminary 3D CAD model of the devkit:

You might also be interested in this running list of enclosures for Nano:

Ok, it’s now the end of June 2019 and I have multiple developers sitting around doing nothing based on no schematics being released for this carrier board.

This design is not very stable. I’ve purchased five Nano Development Kits and each board exhibits completely different behavior during initial power on operations. These Wurth standoffs on the heatsink will not survive any type of serious vibration. Female/female standoffs with low quality screws. And what’s up with this heatsink anyway? Graphene is your friend.

Hey gperry, I have intermittent power on crashing too. When I check the USB connector pin 1, it looks OK, but the 5V pin on J41 is dropping to near 4V causing the 3.3V power supply to shutdown. Once it does, it never comes back.

Any luck with this issue? I am having nothing but problems with this development carrier board, intermittent crashing on 5V USB power and with J28 bridged the front barrel connector won’t power the board.


Are the schematics available now? I cant find them if so… could someone write the link in response

Hi, yes, here is a link to them:

Are these the same for Jetson Nano Developer Kit?

Yes, those are the schematics for the devkit reference carrier.

I’m not seeing any revision list on that schematic to explain why the Dev Kit I have has a non-stuffed USB-C footprint near the MicroUSB port.

I went looking for the schematic so I could do a root-cause failure analysis on why I have two failed Dev-Kits. One of them won’t power on at all, and the other will only power on with the USB-Micro (when the DC jack has been disabled). We’ve been extensively testing them with various stuff so its entirely possible that we screwed up, and killed them.

I have a bunch of dev-kits on various vintages so I have no idea what is what.

My understanding is there are two versions of the Dev-Kit.

One new version that works with production level modules, and one that doesn’t work with production level modules. So I need to make sure to mark everything.

How do I tell the difference between an old Dev-Kit baseboard, and a new Dev-Kit Baseboard?

How do I tell the difference between an old Dev-Kit Module, and a New Dev-Kit Module?