Jetson nano boot issue

I have 2 jetson nano boards purchased 2018. Both the boards have started to malfunction.
They are having issues with startup.

On board 1, the power led blinks for 1s and switches off. The resistance b/w 3V and GND is 78 ohm using the power adapter. The voltage bw 5v and gnd is 5v as well as the voltage bw 3v and gnd is also 5v. My guess is that 3v and gnd lines are shorting somewhere.
On board 2, the board powers up and is stuck at the nvidia logo. This board was dropped by accident from a height of 5m.
Please let me know if this can be fixed.

Please be aware that it seems you filed in wrong forum topic…

Please redirect me to the appropriate forum. It seems there is only one Jetson forum from prelim search and in theis many have already placed similar issues.


I just redirected it. Please re-flash your jetson nano with sdkmanager.

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