Jetson Nano boot

I managed to work on first boot. Next is to use NVIDIA SDK Manager to do some installation. It took very long time and halfway through the board not responding (keyboard,mouse,hdmi monitor nothing). I decided to reformat sdcard and flash the image again. I tried to use microusb as power however the board is not boot up at all. The power led is on. Is the board faulty? how do I check that the board is working well?

Hello @marta.tjoa

This forum is for questions about the cuOpt SDK, I think perhaps your question should be posted here

Hi, It is my first time to use Jetson Nano and this forum, how can I send my question to the right channel? My Nano suddenly no output on HDMI, USB during the flashing using SDK Manager. After that, it cannot boot-up despite power LED is turned on. :-(

@marta.tjoa glad you’re using Jetson Nano! And glad you’re here on the forums.

If you click on the words “Jetson Nano” in the link I posted above, it will take you to the Jetson Nano forum. Just repost your question there, the same way you did here in the cuOpt forum.

For future reference, the top-level landing page for the NVIDIA forums is below. From there, you can find individual forums for all kinds of topics at NVIDIA:

Thank you