Jetson nano booting problem

Hi, I usually used jetson nano with Ubuntu 18.04 and made a robot with ROS.
Yesterday, I got a problem with jetson nano that could not boot anymore.
When the problem occurred first, I got messages like the picture.

After that, I replaced my SD card with a new one and followed the Jetson nano boot manual properly. But, the Booting process stuck on the image that the NVIDIA logo, no response anymore.

The power LED is on with green, and I reset the jetson nano with jumper and J40 header several times but, the results are the same. How can I solve this problem??

Unfortunately, the text on the image is too small to tell what happened.

Generally we debug such problem by using the uart console. You can try to dump error log from it.

Did you reflash the board using sdcard image or sdkmanager?

This is the first error message picture.
I wanted to reflash the board by using a new sd card, so I put the card with a new jetson image file to jetson nano but the device couldn’t respond anymore.

Use sdkmanager to flash both the device and sdcard.

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FYI, that has a lot of ext4 filesystem errors. Notice where it mentions particular inodes? I am curious, if you boot again, do the inodes change, or are the listed inodes constant (there could be additional inode failures, but what I’m really interested in is whether a particular failed inode will always fail, or if once failed the inode might later succeed)? This might hint at the SD card failing if it is an SD card model, or the eMMC failing if it is a commercial module with eMMC.

If it is simply a bad filesystem, then the a reflash might just fix things.

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Thanks so much @WayneWWW, @linuxdev!! I solved this problem by rebooting using SDKmanager. It was a SD card problem. When I booted a jetson nano with using recovery mode and connecting another pc, it responded properly and I could install ROS well! Thanks everyone!!