Jetson nano booting

I have a question about booting.
I created a custom board based on your reference circuit with the intention of using a Jetson Orin Nano in the future.
I haven’t gotten my hands on a Jetson Orin Nano yet, so I want to use the Jetson Nano on this custom board to boot up.

I made sure that the Jetson Nano gets a power_en signal about 2.5 seconds after power on.
The power_en signal is supposed to be a minimum of 400ms, so I gave it longer to test.
The sys_reset signal is output high.
Is there anything else I need to look at regarding booting?

You may need to follow the power on sequence of Jetson Nano listed in Design Guide, and make sure that there is no any interface of module will be affected during power on.

The FORCE_RECOVERY signal line has a pull-up resistor with external 1.8V, but when I delete the part.
I’m guessing it’s power booting.
A signal was output to PWR_LED_CTRL and the LED was turned on.
Thanks again for the opportunity to take the time to review the power and peripheral circuitry.

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