Jetson Nano Borad 2gb

I would like to know if its possible buy this boards customized.
I have a current demand where I would like to increase:

  • Memory from 2gb to 4gb;
  • Wifi embended;
    -Zwave module emebended.

I don’t need the Camera, Display and Usb…

Hi rafael4,

The memory can’t be increased to 4GB, you should use Jetson Nano devkit directly.

how about the * Wifi embended;

  • Zwave module emebended.

can I add this?

Hi rafael4,

The wifi is not initially available for all regions, please check Buy the Latest Jetson Products | NVIDIA Developer

Regarding the Zwave module, I don’t have experience on this use case, but if you can find one which can work on Linux K4.9/Ubuntu 18.04, and have compatible driver for arm64, then it should work.