Jetson Nano bulk buy


my name is Ólafur Gunnar Daníelsson and I’m a CEO of a robotics company placed in Iceland which is named Epoch. I opened a ticket here some time ago regarding bulk buy of Jetson Nano’s. I was redirected to Arrow and Siliconhigwaydirect for these bulk buy’s but there is a problem regarding that solution. They only allow maximum 5 items being bought per person/company. This rule suits for hoarding hobbyists but not for a company that wishes to use Jetson Nano in a product. We were able to buy Jetson Nano’s for development purposes but we want to be sure to have enough for manufacturing of our products when it comes to it. In the future we would require hundreds/thousands of devices and we could secure that ahead of time. We see Jetson Nano’s as the perfect tool for our AI based sorting solutions and we cannot seem to get the stock needed to continue developing with Jetson Nano’s.

Is there a possibility to speak to someone who has authority over stock? We would love to continue using Jetson Nano for our development. It truly is a great edge device.

Best regards.

Hi @olafurgunnar96, Jetson devkits are intended only for development and their warranty doesn’t cover deployment in production environments. For more info, please see

You can order as many of the production modules as you need from the distributors. Those are intended to be deployed in mass quantities.

The sellers you recommended also only have limit of 5 for these modules. Where can I get them in bulk?


I believe that’s just their current on-shelf inventory for online sales. Please contact them to get a quote and place a PO for however many you need.

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