Jetson Nano C vs Python

Hello Experts,

As I observe Jetson Nano has the support for both C/C++ and Python libraries. From the developer’s point of view, would like to understand which one has better performance, ease of debugging, stability, etc on developing image processing applications. Especially at production level codes is it worthwhile develop in C++ or Python almost provides same flexibilty as C++ ?

It depends on your case. In short, if you’re happy with python performance, you can use it.
However, when performance is required, usually it is built from C++ and python bindings are then used for providing similar interface from python. Especially for GPU processing, C++ would allow much more options than python, AFAIK.

I have the demo program written in Python using some dependent libraries in python like dlib, numpy, face_recognition. Any easy way to migrate the same code into C++ in Jetson nano platform.

Sorry, I’m not a skilled python programmer for opencv, I’m mainly using C++ API.
Someone with better python opencv skills may better advise.