Jetson NANO CAN Interface


In Jetson NANO SOM datasheet the pin no 143 & 145 seems to be RSVD(RESERVED).
But in the reference schematic of Jetson Nano development board, those pins are taken out as CAN_RX & CAN_TX respectively.

I am having a question that whether I can use those RSVD pins for CAN protocol?

Please suggest.

Thank you in advance.


Hi, CAN is not supported on Jetson Nano.

Hello Aditya,

As per my understanding after looking in to the Datasheet and Schematics, pin number 143 and 145 are reserved. So they cannot be used as CAN signal.

I tried an alternate way by using USB to CAN Device the one which i used was Kvaser Leaf light - which has the related CAN drivers for Linux and was successfully able to transmit the message over CAN.

You can use any USB to CAN converter which has drivers for Linux.