Jetson Nano cannot start up properly and cannot enter the graphical interface upon startup

I also encountered this problem not long ago, when the storage space of the nano was insufficient. Due to insufficient storage space of 100MB, the graphical interface could not be turned on. But the situation this time is very different. After entering terminal mode, I checked the storage space and found that there is still 780MB left. At the same time, I cleared the system cache and deleted unnecessary software. The space has been cleared to 1.2GB, but still cannot be turned on. What is the reason for this? Is there a way to repair the device without burning the system.

Is it a DevKit or a custom carrier board?

I want to note a specific detail: The SD card is /dev/mmcblk1p1, at least it is the rootfs. This could be about software which finds the SD card, but more likely it is a failing SD card. One can reflash an SD card model’s QSPI memory without flashing the SD card (the correct method depends on @DaveYYY’s question). You can also mount the SD card on a Linux host PC with an SD card reader to examine if the SD card is functioning. If you monitor “dmesg --follow” on a Linux host PC, and then plug in the SD card to an SD card reader, what do you see log as a result of the plug-in?

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