Jetson Nano can't boot successfully

I just begin to use the Nvidia Jetson Nano board , has less knowledge about it.
I used different cards to install for many time. Most time the green light was on , and can see the logo of Nvidia ,but then the screen flash and it stop , the I power on it again , and the same thing happen. Just for few time it can boot successfully , but at the next time I want to start the board , it can not boot again. Why does it happen…I try many different SD card , download latest system … What’s more , after install the official system into the SD card , the SD card can not been read by Win10 system ( the problem of compatibility ? )

How can I solve the problem of system ?


The SD card of Jetson Nano is formatted with ext4 file system type, so it cannot be accessed on Win10 system directly. And If you try to insert the Jetson Nano SD card on Win10 system , the SD card image contents will get corrupted and it will disturb the Jetson Nano booting sequence.

Hi Radhika,

I dont think inserting Jetson Nano SD card into Win10 system is the root cause of corrupted image. Windows asks before formatting the sd card into windows (fat / ntfs) format.

The problem seems to be with the original image of OS. It does not look like to be created efficiently. A working nvidia jetson nano sd card contains 12 partitions in which 10 are 0MB and one of them is 1MB and the actual storage is in the 12th partition. Only app tbc bpf ebt rp1 dtb wb0 tos are required for booting. I am yet to get into the bottom of the nvidia booting and post process. will post some insight once I dig deeper.


Trying to boot Jetson Nano for the first time. I flashed 64GB SanDisk sd card for the multiple times using etcher. Formatted using the sd card formatted in exFAT format. Still nano can’t boot. When I tried reading the flashed sd card using card reader, it was divided into a number of small partitions(12 to 15 partitions).
Can anybody help me out here!!!

Hi npbhosle_b16,

If issue still presents by following the Getting Started With Jetson Nano Developer Kit instruction, please open a new topic.

I’m having the exact same issue and subsequently landed here after some google searching, therefore I assume others will too. That being said, this reply (especially from a mod) is lazy and useless.

They obviously stated they’re having issues after having followed that guide, why would you make them create an entirely new thread…?

I’m having trouble booting after formatting my MSD and flashing with disk image, similarly to OP. Does anyone have a real theory on this strange issue?

Thank you!