Jetson Nano Carrier Board 6002

i have jetson nano with 6002 carrier board, im designing an autonomous device for a truck with jetson at production level. I have observed that few of my devices gets blown after few days . or if device is not blown then the sd card gets corrupt .

the power source im using it LINK DC To DC Buck Converter 5A XL4015 In Pakistan
Screenshot from 2022-11-23 06-03-31

FROM 24V TO 12 V

ALSO, giving direct power cycle to the devices (device on when truck is on and off when truck is off) letting it to gets blown. Should i give soft boot to the device?

Hi, what is this carrier board? If it’s from 3rd-party vendor, please reach out to them first as the power supply/convert part should be on the carrier board.

Realtimesai 6002 its an Nvidia’s certificated vendor

Please check with Realtimes for the support.

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