Jetson Nano Carrier board and design guide mismatched?

Hello dear,

One of my partner designed a carrier board for Jetson Nano, as per Nano design guide and reference schematics.
Some odd things are found at the carrier board as follow:

  1. Ethernet:
    Pin connection as per design guide, ethernet speed reaches only 10Mbps half.
    By jumper work, they found pins are different to design guide.
    MD and MDI are crossed.

  2. Camera:
    Both design guide and reference schematic say CSI0 is used for default MIPI camera.
    But HW inspection shows CSI2 might be linked instead.

  3. UART: Since they need two UARTs, connected UART1(debug) and UART2.
    Even UART1 works well, UART2 TX does not work. Abnormally, RX works.
    They tested UART2 by looping TX and RX.

Would you check Design guide for Dev kit is up to date?


Hi, current docs in DLC is for production module design, it seems that your modules are early version which can’t be used on production design carrier board.

Hi Trumany,

It means a customer designed carrier board which is based on Data Center docs may not work with Nano module from Dev kit?
Then how we can test this carrier board works as expected? We do not have any Nano Modules for production.

Another Questions about this issue:

  1. BSP is for Nano module production as well?
  2. Could you share schematics of Developer Kit carrier board? Then we can figure out the differences between dev kit and production module.


Dev kit is only for development. The production module is needed to test custom carrier board.

The sw in DLC is for production too. The schematic is in DLC:$product,jetson_nano

Also you can refer to this topic for module version problem:

Thanks Trumany,

2nd question again!
Could you provide us developer kit schematics?
Not all parts but some special components; Ethernet, CSI-2 camera, UART first.