Jetson nano carrier board JN30B

I have already contacted our supplier but I also wanted to check with you about an inconsistency we have with 2 different batches of the Jetson nano carrier board: JN30B Revision 6 (38346-6).

We are facing some boot-up problems with a few PCBAs from the 2nd batch.
What we noticed is that there is indeed a different BOM population and different firmware on the MCU. More specifically in the 1st batch we had STM32F0 and in the 2nd STM32L0 (and some different part numbers for polymer caps which should not be an issue). What is also interesting is that they appear to have different functionalities in their firmware. The first one has the MCU LED always on and the 2nd one is blinking.

There is also another LED next to the RJ45 connector which when it’s on signifies that the Jetson nano module is connected and has booted up. In the second batch, this LED (and thereafter the module connection) doesn’t turn on always (it always turns on the first time but after power cycling it never turns on again unless I wait long enough to discharge some capacitors ?).

I am curious if you are aware of such a discrepancy and if there is a solution (new FW?).

JN30B is Auvidea’s product, not our devkit, have you conacted with them to get the proper BSP SW to flash your device?

Thanks for the response. Yes they are already investigating the issue, I was just wondering if someone else had faced similar problems.

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