Jetson Nano Carrier Board Power Consumption

I’m trying to find the power consumption of the Jetson Nano carrier board from the developer kit (this one)

I’ve seen approximations of between 0.5W in 5W mode and 1.25W in 10W mode, but I can’t find any supporting documentation for this.

Ultimately, I’m trying to figure out if the power supply I have is enough for a developer kit board with no peripherals. My intuition tells me that the approximate power consumption of the whole system with no peripherals is the carrier board power consumption plus the power allowed from the module’s operating mode (5W mode or 10W mode). Please correct me if I’m wrong here.

Any help is appreciated.

Yes, generally it is up to 10W.

Hi Trumany, I’m trying to find the documentation that identifies the power consumption of ONLY the carrier board with no peripherals, not the carrier board with the jetson nano module included. As you said, the carrier board WITH peripherals and the nano module can draw up to 10W in 5W mode or 20W in 10W mode. This is widely documented. I can’t find the power consumption of the carrier board in isolation with no peripherals.

No power consumption data for carrier board only of dev kit as dev kit is only for development, customer should design their custom carrier board for module, so only power consumption data of module is necessary. Customer should estimate the total power based on custom design plus module.

Thanks for getting back to me. It’s unfortunate that NVIDIA doesn’t have documentation for the power consumption of the developer kit carrier board. I’m using this for prototyping and this information is useful to have.

As you can see in carrier board schematic, if no device attached to carrier board, there should be very low power consumption as no power load on carrier board except a USB hub and several DC/DC converter. So only need to focus on power consumption of module.