jetson nano cloning and deployment of the image to other devices

yes, it works but for nano you would rather just clone sdcard with dd, in my opinion

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Alright but if performing dd, then I will experience network problems if they share the same network right?

But by doing what you mentioned that would not be the case is that correctly understood?

Again thank you so much for the help!

it depends
it is very manually customizeable
However, it will be up to you to address the selection of way to do cloning also to address downsides of that particular method selected

Not necessarily. Nvidia provides a series of building blocks in the form of tarballs and instructions, which largely don’t change. All you really need are a series of scripts that follow those instructions and master an image. There are several such collections of scripts out there.

Yes. SSH host keys will remain the same, which means you’re probably turning off host verification, which leaves you open to MITM attacks.

Hostname will be identical meaning your router will likely complain. MAC addresss might even end up being the same considering on some Nano models this is set at boot in software.

Sharing/deploying such an image can reveal unintended development artifacts like various private keys, passwords, etc even after you delete such things. It’s an all round bad idea. IF you decide to go for it anyway:

  • try to prep the system beforehand with something like virt-sysprep
  • shred --removeanything sensitive
  • truncate any free space from the final image
  • ???

All this is considerably harder than just following Nvidia’s instructions to master an image IMO. It’s like trying to put an omlette back in the eggshells.