Jetson Nano - Connect BT1120 camera via CSI Bridge chip

I want to connect BT1120 output camera via “BT1120 to MIPI CSI” bridge chip.

In my opinion, I think that base development driver code given by NVIDIA JETPACK suitable for this situation is tc358840.c driver code ( nvidia/drivers/media/i2c/tc358840.c )

In “Sensor Software Driver Programming Guide” section of “NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide” says
“Version 2.0: A new version that uses the new Jetson V4L2 Camera Framework to modularize code, simplify sensor driver architecture, and encapsulate redundant code. NVIDIA recommends using this version for any new driver development.”
Then, the document says Version 2.0 driver example is imx185.c

But tc358840.c driver code seems not compatible with Version 2.0 driver code.

I want to know which device driver code is better as base development code on my situation.

If someone else have any good idea about this situation , let us know.
Thanks, in advance.

What’s your sensor output type. If output isn’t bayer sensor you can reference to tc358840 otherwise imx185/ov5693

My sensor output type is YUV .

Thank you for your suggestion

What is your recommended dts configuration when using tc358840 ?

I can’t find tc358840 dts configuration in Jetpack.

In addition, i use lt9211 chip to connect csi port.

Have reference to


I got below error log.

1173 [80451.364807] video4linux video0: frame start syncpt timeout!0
1174 [80451.370849] vi TEGRA_CSI_PIXEL_PARSER_STATUS 0x00000000
1175 [80451.370906] vi TEGRA_CSI_CIL_STATUS 0x00000000
1176 [80451.370956] vi TEGRA_CSI_CILX_STATUS 0x00000001

1186 [80451.578804] vi TEGRA_CSI_PIXEL_PARSER_STATUS 0x00000000
1187 [80451.578859] vi TEGRA_CSI_CIL_STATUS 0x00000010
1188 [80451.578905] vi TEGRA_CSI_CILX_STATUS 0x00040041

1197 [80451.780882] video4linux video0: frame start syncpt timeout!0
1198 [80451.787335] vi TEGRA_CSI_PIXEL_PARSER_STATUS 0x00000000
1199 [80451.787354] vi TEGRA_CSI_CIL_STATUS 0x00000010
1200 [80451.787371] vi TEGRA_CSI_CILX_STATUS 0x00040041

What does it mean ?
Please, Let me know.

There have data lane control error have a check the REG CSI_CSI_CILA_STATUS_0 from the TRM.

It still generates error code 0x00040040

In technical reference manual , that error code means

CILA_CTRL_ERR: Control Error. Set when CIL-A detects LP state 01 or 10 followed by a stop state (LP11) instead of transitioning into the Escape mode or Turn Around mode (LP00).

What this means ?
Let me know about additional information
Thanks, in advance.

It’s tell the sensor output signal not as MIPI spec.