Jetson nano crashed from usb3.0

Hi. I would like to use usb for swap file and some files. But when i try to put my Sandisk Cruzer Glide 3.0 64GB in Jetson nano system crashed. After reboot nothing is changed… system not boot…
And i need update system on my SD card. Why it happend?

Hi max_kr90,

We can’t reproduce your issue on Jetson-Nano.
I tried two USB Disk (SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 32GB and SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0 32GB), plug-in on USB port or via USB hub are no issue. Also try plugin two USB disk and reboot, still no issue.

Could you check others USB disk? we can make sure the issue only reproduce on your “Sandisk Cruzer Glide 3.0 64GB” disk or not.

I format USB in EXT4 and now always work fine. In FAT if I reboot with this USB system crashed.