Jetson Nano crashes when executing scripts

kern.log (2.1 MB)
lastlog (289.4 KB)
syslog (1.7 MB)

We are currently working with the Jetson Nano at work.
We’ve attached some logs, if anyone needs other/more logs to solve with us our issues, please ask.

Sometimes when we try to execute some of the predefined script parts inside Jupyter Lab it may crash or not.
But it’s unusual that it executes successfully. We’ve looked into the logs, but there’s nothing helpful to solve this problem.

We tried out a benchmark on the web and it runs successful. The CPU then goes up to 100% and doesn’t crash. It’s strange that this Benchmark works well and those scripts from Jupyter Lab don’t. We are currently powering it using a 5V Micro-USB cord, because our battery is damaged.

If anyone knows whats going wrong, please help us out. Maybe we would need a new battery pack. Or maybe a driver is missing.

Thanks in advance for help and have a nice day

You may need to collect the log when system was crash to help to analysis the problem.

Thanks for your answer. The logs applied are the logs directly after the crash