Jetson Nano crashing with RC Filtered Interrupt input

I am using the Jetson nano to catch a pulse as an interrupt and execute some functions. While testing with pulse generated from an ESP32 microcontroller everything was working fine. However, when I started testing using a 24V pulse and an isolator board to convert them to 3.3V pulses, the Jetson crashes as soon as the first pulse comes in; it freezes at first and then restarts. But because the signal was the same and the only new thing was its source, I removed the low pass RC filter on the isolator board and tried again. It was able to take the interrupts and didn’t crash. However, now the isolator is producing bouncing signals which is increasing the pulse count. Does anyone know why did the jetson crash with an external RC filtered pulse input?

I am using TI ISO1211 isolator chip.

Hi, did you use oscilloscope to observe the pulses? Are the waveform from microcontroller really same to from RC filter? Which pin on nano are you using to do this test?

I am using pin18 on the Jetson Nano.
The signals from the Microcontroller and the RC filter are the same. The only difference that is creating the issue as far as I found is the resistance value of the RC filter due to the impedance change(3.3k on the RC Filter and 18k on pin18).
I had thought that I will solve this by using the debounce option in the event_detect() function in the GPIO library but that also doesn’t seem to be working. I was still getting more interrupt counts.

Pin 18 of J41, SPI2_CS0? If the waveform are same, there should be same result. Did you use oscilloscope? It could be problem of rising edge/pulse width etc., not sure if it can be covered by sw way. You’d better to tune the RC value based on waveform so that it is good enough.