Jetson Nano - Create a widget to view the image stream

Receive an error when running the following code

import ipywidgets
from IPython.display import display
from jetcam.utils import bgr8_to_jpeg

image_widget = ipywidgets.Image(format=‘jpeg’)

image_widget.value = bgr8_to_jpeg(image)


Error creating widget: could not find model

Camera is a Raspberry PI version V2-8

Hi LeroyF,

Please refer to below threads if can help:


I just got my nano setup and ran the same code segment as part of the Nvidia course (csi_camera.ipynb) and got the same error. The links provided by kayccc don’t seem to address the issue.

hello LeroyF,

you could using GStreamer with the nvarguscamerasrc plugin to preview camera stream without implementation.
please refer to Camera Software Development Solution chapter, and check the commands to render the preview to HDMI display.

See this link Switching to Chrome browser may solve the problem.