Jetson nano cross compilation

Hello everyone! I would like to port jailhouse to my jetson nano, to do this I would like to work through my pc, can anyone explain how I can do this through cross-compilation? do I need to have the same kernel as my jetson nano? and if so how do I put it?


You mean this project?

I don’t think we have any experience on it.
It’d be better for you to contact the author directly, or see if other users can share their experience.

yes exactly, mine was more a question to understand how I could put the kernel I have on my jetson on my x86 pc starting from the sources

I don’t know what you mean with this.

I have the Linux kernel sources for my jetson (kernel 4.9) and would like to use them to port the same version to my pc’s linux

It’s still better you check with the author.