Jetson Nano CSI Camera compatibility with Leopardimaging Carrier Board LI-NANO-CB

Hi all,

I am prototyping a product that would require 3 cameras connected to a Jetson Nano. I am considering buying a LI-NANO-CB from Leopardimaging (LI-NANO-CB - Leopard Imaging Inc.) which has 4 MIPI CSI-2 camera interfaces, but I am not sure about camera compatibility.

My cameras are OV9281 from Arducam ( which is supposed to be compatible with Jetson Nano Dev Kit by default, but I am not sure if I might have problems when connecting them to a different carrier board such as LI-NANO-CB.

Does anyone have some experience about this camera-carrier board setup? Or could anyone give me some hints about how to check these possible compatibility issues in advance?

Thank you very much for your help,

Could you help to check this topic.


Unfortunately, the 15-pin interface on OV9281 module is not compatible with our LI-NANO-CB (30 pin I-PEX connector).

We have an adapter which can connect this OV9281 module to LI-NANO-CB. The hardware should be compatible, but no driver yet.

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