Jetson Nano Deepstream Gst-nvinfer

How can I change at runtime the values of the Gst-nvinfer properties and class attributes (such as ‘Interval’ and ‘pre-cluster-threshold’) in our Python DeepStream application?

We don’t support changing the values dynamically. You would need to terminate and re-launch the pipeline with new values.

You could modify nvinfer plugin code to support on the fly updates, nvinfer plugin code is open source + see example of add remove streams on the fly on

As far as “interval” is concerned, it can be changed dynamically because it is a “Gst property”.

inf = Gst.Bin.get_by_name(pipeline, ‘inf’)
inf.set_property(‘interval’, 30)

I’m also worried about the dynamic changes in “File configuration property”.
Is it possible to dynamically change with python bindings by referring to the following?
Can you tell me how?