Jetson Nano Design - VUSB VBUS GPIO00


I am using the Jetson Nano for a custom HW design/development. I am using all USB ports on the Jetson and have came to the point about 5V supply on the Jetson for VUSB.

I noticed the HW design guide on page 23 describes the process for connecting USB devices to the Jetson. On this page it describes that when you plug one device in, the 5V input for VBUS (VUSB) should be connected to GPIO00 to the Jetson. However, it seems to be a bit incomplete because it does not describe how one connects multiple USB devices to the VBUS on the Jetson.

So my question is: If you have three separate USB connectors on a custom board, and assuming you have all three plugged in at the same time, how do you handle the 5V input from each connector to the Jetson? Would you need some sort of common cathode shottcky diode to connect to all 5V sources too, which connects to GPIO00?

Thank you

And I have another question; How much current does the VBUS pull on the Jetson?

Only vbus of USB0 port is necessary to connect to GPIO00. The current capability of VBUS depends on the load switch of it.

But that doesn’t really make sense. What if I plug in a device to USB1, where does the 5V bus connect?

Only USB0 port can be set to device mode, others are host only. So if the usb device needs vbus supply, then a load switch on board is needed and should be connected to vbus and no need to connect to GPIO00.

Is a load switch even needed in that case? Or can I supply each USB device vbus directly with a 5V supply?

Sure, the usb device can be supplied by external 5V too.

Great, thank you