Jetson Nano details on the DMIC interface


I am going through the Jetson Nano datasheet and I cannot find more details on the DMIC interface that can be used on the Nano. Does it support PDM or others? Is there a document that goes into more detail on what digital MICs it can support?


Hi, Jetson Nano does not support DMIC directly, it provides I2S port to external Audio (optional). If customer needs audio I/O, a audio codec should be added to their design. For this I2S design, please refer to product DG:

On page 38 of the design doc it has a table showing the signals I would like to use:
Table 43:

Tegra X1 Signal


Are you saying that this is not supported and I will have to use a I2S MIC instead of a DMIC bus mic? I am using I2S0 for the audio out.

Sorry for my misunderstanding on this. Are you using A02 module? If so please refer to this topic for DMIC:

We are using the 900-13448-0020-000 Jetson Nano module, and are designing our own carrier board (similar to the Nano carrier board that Nvidia has but with the use of the Audio I2S and DMIC buses.

How do I tell if I have a A02 module?

Also I am looking for the PCB CAD files of your Nano carrier board, I only see the Schematics?


[EDIT]Yours is A02 production module. Current nano docs in DLC is for production module which is not compatible to A02 module. Your design should follow docs in DLC. The PCB files will be released about next month.

Can you send a link to the DLC docs? so you are saying the production module is not the same as the A02 module? Once the product goes to production we will be using the production module.

DLC: and yes production module is different to A02 module.

Thank you so much for all this information, one other question, what is the part# to order the production Nano Module?

Is your module really labeled “900-13448-0020-000”? Do you need a SD CARD for module to flash?

I just double checked and believe we are going to be getting a couple of the “900-13448-0020-000”, but have a couple with the SDcard on them right now. My worry is that we are designing from the 1.0 schematics and need to use the production module and test with the older one BUT if A02 in not compatible I cannot use them anymore? What are the differences?

“900-13448-0020-000” is production module, you mean you have not get the module, right? That’s it as it has not be formal released yet.

That is right, we will be ordering them soon for the new PCB we are designing and what I am hearing from you is that the older A02 with the SDcard for flash will not work in the design we are doing right now. we are currently using the Nano 1.0 schematics as a reference and I am wondering what the differences are between the A02 and production “900-13448-0020-000” module? and this the latest schematic for the production module?
Jetson Nano Carrier Board Reference Design Files

and does the Production module also support the DMIC bus? as we are relying on this.


All current Nano docs in DLC are for production module, customer must follow that. No need to care about A02 module during design. DMIC is supported too on production module.

That is great!, thank you. So I have to make sure that we do not use the A02 module on the new PCB based on the Nano 1.0 Schematics (from the DLC) and only use the Production modules, correct?

Thanks again for your help!