Jetson nano dev kit variant differences

Hi all,

I know there used to be 2 different variant of the Jetson Nano dev kit, A02 and B01 where the obvious differences on the board are the additional CSI connector. Recently we came across Jetson Nano dev kit being sold on the web labelled as Jetson Nano Dev Kit (V3) which looks like it the B01 variant, but labelled as V3.

Wondering if there’s any changes to hardware/ schematic of the carrier board with this new V3 product.

Example of V3 product: NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit (V3)

Thanks in advance for the help.

Hi, no “V3” devkit exist. Please check with the agent if necessary.

Hey @Trumany ,

Thanks for the response. One thing that stood out is the change in the device mac address. Before the jetson nano mac address should start with “00:04”, but the new “V3” one I got starts with “48:B0:2D”. Is there a reason for the change in mac address, maybe change in hardware?

This needs to be tracked with our internal team. But what is your purpose to care about the start of MAC address?
They are all hardcoded value inside the eeprom. You can also use the customized field to create your own mac addr.

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