Jetson Nano Developer 4 GB 3 nos not working

We are facing following problems for jetson nano

  1. While power is On the board the power light is on for two seconds after two seconds it switch off on the board no display is coming in the mnitor we are facing like this same problem for 3 no of boards hence we require urgently the boards because project is going on in our office please kindly give solution for this problem immediately

If you want a precise analysis, share the uart log from your board.

If you just want a quick solution, then flash your board with sdkmanager.

we flash the board for several times but still it is not working kindly give solution for this problem

Then you should kindly share the log.

i already share the issue what is going on in the board

Please share the log with below method.

If your power LED is off, then this board is probably broken. How did you flash your board under such sitaution?

Please clarify it first. If you didn’t flash it with sdkmanager, please just tell me you didn’t flash it.

yes we didn’t flash it sorry for misunderstanding the problem is same for 3 no of boards

The problem is the power LED does not hold and directly go off?

yes LED does not hold and directly go off after two seconds no display will come on the monitor

Have you checked the power source? Is it working on other fine board?

yes we cheched in both the sides of power supply but is showing same kind of problem

Then please RMA these 3 modules. Nothing we can help here.

sir please share how to generate RMA

I already told you one month ago.

Ok thank you sir i will give these 3 boards to service center

sir i tried to chat in live chat but it showing live chat is currently unavailable

sir in live chat currently unavailable it is showing what can i do for RMA can u kindly reply me for this problem

sir i want RMA number

Please email about your RMA request. Thanks