Jetson Nano developer kit 4G not always boot

Sorry if this is not the correct topic, in case can you tell me where to post this?
We have four Jetson Nano developer kit. They are connected in a LAN (no monitor or keyboard). The power supplies are 5.2V 4A. Everytime we switch on the system, 3 Jetson start regularly and can be reached throug SSH, the fourth, sometimes does not boot (one fail every 4 - 5 trials), green led on, RJ45 leds off; we have to cut the power and switch on again. When we succeded to start it works perfectly. The sd on the 4 Jetson are identical, only the static ip is changed.

Hi @f.flamigni,

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If you need the help to tell the actual error, then you would need to dump the serial console log.

But as a quick fix, you can reflash your board with sdkmanager and it shall work afterwards.

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