Jetson Nano Developer Kit (4GB) Available Stock or Estimated Ship Date?

The Jetson Nano Developer Kit (4GB) is out of stock everywhere. Do you have an estimated ship date for these? Is there somewhere else we can order them from? Do you plan to continue making them?

  • SparkFun (Backordered)
  • OKDO (Out of Stock)
  • Seeed Stuido (No Stock)
  • Amazon (Some third party marking them up 250%)
  • Arrow (reporting 34 weeks - this feels like a default)
  • MicroCenter (Sold Out in every store that was within a couple state radius of me)

Hi @smith.stephen.mitchell, sorry about that - we are facing various component shortages and are trying as hard as possible to get them back in stock asap. Although these distributors are currently receiving shipments to restock their inventory, I don’t currently have a timeline to share as to when they will be off backorder at the various shops. The Arrow lead-time is indeed a system default that they have. The Nano 2GB devkit is also still in stock through Amazon, ect if that is an option.

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@dusty_nv Does that mean days, weeks, or months before they may be available?

Various distributors are receiving shipments on a weekly basis, but it’s not possible for me to forecast when they will have individually worked through their backorders and are back in stock. So for the time being, I might recommend placing a backorder so you are in the queue at least. Sorry about that and thanks for your understanding as we work through these component shortages.

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